1.  What methods of payment can I use to order my products?    

* We accept  Visa, Master Card, and American Express. All payments are processed securely through PayPal’s encrypted payment page. If you choose not to create an account, you DO NOT need a Pay Pal account to secure your payment - you can also checkout as a guest.  None of your information is shared externally.


2.  How much does each bundle of hair weigh?

* 100 grams / 3.5 oz.


3.  Can I dye and/or bleach my hair extensions?

* Yes!  All of our hair extensions are top quality, 100% human hair. You can easily style, dye and care for all our extensions just as if it was your natural hair with no hassle, no damage.  The way you care for the extensions determines how long they will last.


4.  How long will my hair extensions last?

* With proper care and maintenance as described in our Hair Care Tips section, your hair extensions can last more than one (1) year and up to two (2) years - That's Guaranteed!.


5. When will my products be shipped out to me? 

* All of our shipping information is located in the shipping section of this website, please refer there before confirming your order. 


6. Where are the products shipped from?

* All of our products are shipped and handled in the U.S.



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