Ponytail Hair Extensions

Ponytails are fun, flirty, and surprisingly easy to install. 

Weight: 20″ – 80 grams | 22″ – 90 grams | 24″ – 100 grams

Brazilian Grade 8A, Natural Color Ponytail can be lifted to #27

How to Install: You attach the piece on top of your ponytail and wrap the extra strands of hair around your ponytail for volume and length, for a more snug fit, use bobby pins to help secure the extension in place.

Our ponytails are made to be a full ponytail, keep the base in position, add one or two Bobby pins to the underside to adhere it to your hair that’s in a ponytail already, then wrap your T-Straps to close it. 

*Once removed from your pack .. slightly run a smooth iron over it to give you the sleekest look before the install.

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