Will My Hair Extensions Survive the Summer Heat?

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Yes, they will!

Summer is here and in full swing! Summer time hair styles call for long tresses, braids, and a plethora of messy buns, and many other hairstyles.

Many people think getting a hair extension is the end of all their troubles. The hair problems magically disappear and now all you need to worry about is looking good in a black outfit that well compliments the new hair color you got. To an extent, this is correct but when the heat of the summers kicks in, the problems begin to show up.

Do not avoid the pool. It’s summer and there are going to be pool parties everywhere. I recommend taking a little extra care of your extensions. The hair is fine. Yes, you can treat them like your own natural hair. Wash your hair extensions immediately after swimming in the pool, it’s no problem if your hair does get wet in the pool but it is very important to rinse the chlorine out immediately after. Chlorine is probably the worst thing you can do with hair extensions.   Remember chlorine is a bleach

Limit the shampoo. When you buy hair extensions, you are given advice on how to take care of your new investment. You are told to treat them like your own hair. Protect them from sunlight, brush them regularly, wash them when required. It is advisable that you limit the use of shampoo to not more than thrice per week. Plus, never let the conditioner reach the roots of the hair. Conditioner has powerful chemicals which can make the bond lose. 

Us a good brush. Brushing is easy and can extend the life of your extensions. However, this is only if you use the right kind of brush. Avoid the normal brushes made for original hair. The teeth of such brushes are tightly packed which are not required by the hair extensions. A special comb or brush is available for the extension hair.  Which helps to untangle the ends of your hair.

Avoid dryness. Thanks to summers and chemical on the hair, extensions lose their luster and tend to look dry. recommend using a good serum or argan oil to keep your hair from having a dry look. However, do not let the serum come near or around the base of the extensions. Some hair extension dries up faster than others. Keep an eye on the state of your hair extensions and give them the treatment as and when required.

A good UV defense spray is recommended to use to avoid sun damage and a lightweight serum to keep frizz at a minimum from the humidity.

Your new hair extensions can be hard work – particularly during the summer season when you’re on vacation – so make sure that you’re getting the most out of your new investment with a solid aftercare plan.

Do you have some summertime tips for your hair extensions to share?

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