What Falsies Are You In Love With?

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Every girl loves a pair of falsies!

Whether you love to wear them on special occasions or daily. Are you a "Natural", "Short / Long", "Full Volume", or a more "Dramatic" look. Eyelashes have the ability to transform your face and as of today, they are evolving more than ever!

There are different types of ways to wear and apply falsies, they go from individual lashes to strips to magnet....Yes! magnetic! Various types of lashes are made from all fibers of silk and synthetic materials. It's most important that you understand the application and maintenance of eyelashes before wearing them.  

Personally, I LOVE a pair of short lashes. They tend to be much more delicate and natural looking. They give me a boost in length, because I don't have naturally long thick lashes and my eyes are narrow shape, I don't like to draw much attention to my eyelashes and they aren't an overboard dramatic look to my lashes.  

There are lots of different styles and types of lashes to choose from, know your look and know what works for your face.

Comment below your favorite style(s) of lashes...

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