Is It Safe To Use Hair Oil On My Hair Extensions?

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The answer to that is ABSOLUTELY yes! Hair oil is the most effective product to use on your hair extensions.  Hair oil will keep your extensions looking and feeling good as they did the day they were installed.  However, if the oil isn't applied properly, your extensions will not last to its full potential.  Apply a small generous amount to your hair extensions, work it up to your scalp and do not put hair oil near the wefts of your extensions or where your extensions are attached.

Every store you go to as you walk down the hair supply section of that store or you're in a beauty supply store, you will see an overload of the different brands and types of hair oils.  From Moroccan oil, to Argan Oil, to Tea Tree Oil, and to Sweet Almond Oil; there are just tons of them.  My top two favorites are coconut oil, a highly nourishing and edible oil and olive oil, I love using the light virgin olive oil that you find in your baking aisle of the grocery store, it has vitamin content, it helps to prevent dandruff, stimulate hair growth, improves your natural hair shine, and eliminate split ends.  Hair oils strengthen the hair by penetrating the hair shaft and retaining moisture along with giving your hair extensions a good natural shine. 

Studies shows that using hair oil 1-2 times a week may help you avoid the outer layer known as the cuticle from getting damaged, as long as you use it properly...I express this ... Use.It.Properly.  In addition to nourishment, hair oil acts as a protective shield to prevent your hair extensions from the damage caused by the hot tools such as curling / flat irons you often use.

I do not recommend using hair grease anywhere on your hair, especially not on your scalp - avoid petroleum based products to your hair extensions and scalp altogether, it has no benefit, petroleum based products provides buildup and flakiness to your scalp.  As a matter of fact, I recommend not using much of anything on your scalp.  It's ok to work in your hair oil from the ends of your hair up to your scalp but not directly onto it.  The sebaceous glands takes care of the scalp.  Sebaceous [səˈbāSHəs] glands are microscopic (tiny) glands found in the skin and hair that produces oil.

By nourishing your hair through regular oiling, you can rejuvenate shine and silkiness, and prevent split ends.

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