How Does Your Human Hair Extensions Look So Natural?!

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Hair extensions are the best kept secret with the proper maintenance you can wear the same extensions for up to 1 year. While wearing them, you want to make them look natural and seamlessly blend into your own natural hair.  The worst you can do is choose the wrong color or texture of hair extensions, especially if you plan to have leave-out. If you’re wearing the right bundle of extensions, pair of clip-ins, or micro-beads, no one will ever know you are wearing extensions, even if they feel through your hair!

So, how do you make your extensions look as if you’re flaunting your own natural hair?

We’ve all seen someone a time or two whose hair extensions are evident that their install was a fail, right?

One of the most frustrating parts of choosing hair extensions is color matching. Make sure you choose the right color that matches your own hair.  We can usually go a shade or two darker or lighter from your hair color and the extensions will blend and look natural.  But if you have a distinctive hair color, you need to be very careful on how you choose.  Match your hair extensions to your ends of your hair oppose to the roots. The ends of your hair will sit on top the extensions and they need to blend more towards the ends than the roots. The part of the extension that will show under your own hair when it is attached is the important part of color matching.  Choose the color that matches your hair from the middle to the ends.

Choosing the right texture of human hair extensions to match the texture of your own natural hair is a very important key factor to natural looking human hair extensions.  Hair comes in all various textures from natural curly to kinky on a Black Women, therefore, it is a MUST to choose the right texture!

One of the best hacks for making your hair extensions look seamlessly blended is to set as normal and then straighten all your hair in sections to merge them together.  This will help smooth out any kinks and will remove the disconnect between the ends of your natural hair the your hair extensions.

Use good high quality human hair extensions.  If you are going to wear hair extensions, a good tip is to invest! Invest! Invest! Going for the cheap or synthetic version may seem like a good idea or more cost effective, BUT once you shampoo that hair the first time – most likely, that will be your last time wearing those cheap or synthetic hair extensions. Investing in high quality human hair extensions will save you a bunch of money down the road.  You won’t need to re-install your extensions as often because they are real human hair that will shampoo, style, color, and curl as if it is your very own hair. High quality extensions will look real and natural as you hoped it would and no worries of matting or frizzing.  TRUST ME!

Like all hair, proper hair care is important!

Are you ready to choose the perfect human hair extensions for your look?

What have you experienced with choosing the right human hair extensions? 

Let me know in the comments below....thanx for blogging with Bundle Her Up


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