How Many Bundles Do I Need For a Full Sew-In?

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Curly hair and straight hair are on the opposite sides of the density spectrum, therefore, you have to take in consideration when you're trying to decide on how many bundles you'll need for a full sew-in.  The longer the style you want, the more bundles you'll need.  If you want a more thin and tamed style, the less amount of bundles you'll need. 
The number of bundles you actually need depends on a few factors such as the style you want, your preference in volume, and the type of bundles you're using.  Typically, it is recommended to use anywhere between two to four bundles.  If you plan to have the lengths between 10"-14", it is recommended to use two bundles.  Getting lengths longer than 14", it is recommended to use three bundles.
Short hair styles ranging 8"-14", it is recommended to use two bundles and a closure or your natural leave out will do.  Hair styles between 14"-22" is recommended to use three bundles, longer hairstyles of 22" and up is recommended to use four bundles to achieve a full body look.


What has been your experience with deciding on how many bundles you've needed for your full sew-in?
Have you ever experienced a time when you've gotten an install and once you got home, you realized it was not the style you really wanted?
Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below... thanx for blogging with Bundle Her Up Hair Co. #BundleHerUp


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